Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Nest Wealth acquire Razor Logic Systems?

Nest Wealth and RazorPlan have complementary missions. We want to build technologies that are easy-to-use and fundamentally increase the chance that people are successful when it comes to achieving what they want in their financial lives. Together, we can accelerate our success and serve more Canadians.

Acquiring RazorPlan helps strengthen the Nest Wealth offerings by giving us the opportunity to expand into financial planning software and gives us, collectively, the unique advantage to be the market leader as Canada’s biggest SaaS-based enterprise wealth management platform.

Who is Razor Logic Systems? What is RazorPlan?

RazorPlan is one of Canada’s leading financial planning software solutions. It was created in 2011 by Dave Faulkner, CLU, CFP, and provided tools to financial advisors through Financial Plan Advantage Ltd. (FPAdvantage). Dave is a pioneer in the financial planning software industry and the original designer of one of the most well-known financial planning programs available in Canada.

In 2012, FPAdvantage expanded its development capabilities to become Razor Logic Systems. The goal of this new organization was to develop solutions for the Canadian Financial planning market that are both effective and easy to use.

Who is Nest Wealth?

Founded in 2014, Nest Wealth has created Canada’s first SaaS-based enterprise digital wealth management platform. Wealth management firms and individual advisors can provide and manage virtually any investment to any investor through any distribution channel with Nest Wealth’s configurable white-label wealth solutions.

For individual investors, Nest Wealth offers an automated, low-fee and transparent wealth management solution that makes it easier for tens of thousands of Canadians to reach their financial goals.

Nest Wealth has been chosen by some of Canada's largest banks, wealth management firms and financial institutions, including the National Bank of Canada, to power their wealth management platforms.

How will the acquisition affect current Nest Wealth Plus advisors?

Nest Wealth Plus advisors can continue to expect the same great service from the combined company as they did from Nest Wealth. No changes are being made to any of the processes at this time.

How will the acquisition affect current RazorPlan customers?

There is no change. Current RazorPlan customers can expect the same great service from the combined company as they did with RazorPlan. No changes are being made to any of the processes at this time and all RazorPlan employees will be joining Nest Wealth.

Can RazorPlan advisors use RazorPlan without joining Nest Wealth Plus?

Yes. There is no requirement to use both RazorPlan and Nest Wealth Plus. Although we are a combined company, RazorPlan and Nest Wealth Plus products can work together or independently. To learn more about what offers are available to advisors, please visit us here.

How will the acquisition affect the product/roadmap?

By joining forces, our ability to deliver on our product enhancements and new products will only get better. In many areas, the acquisition will allow us to move more quickly to future product delivery.

Where will the company be headquartered?

The combined company will be headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Offices will be maintained in both Toronto, Ontario and St. Albert, Alberta.


Where can I learn more? Who should I contact if I have questions?

We’ve published some additional information about the acquisition here. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at