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Nest Wealth Fees Mutual Fund Fees
$762 per year $3122 per year

The only thing that should be reaching new heights is your wealth. Not your fees. Make more from your money with an ETF portfolio.

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A Dedicated Portfolio Manager

Get access to our wealth experts who will work with you to learn your personal goals.


Hand- Made Portfolios

We don’t believe in portfolio labels. Get a truly personalized portfolio that’s made to support your goals and time horizon.


Goal-Setting Sessions

Unsure how to invest your money? Our registered portfolio managers will work with you and give you clear advice towards your vision.


The Lowest Fees In The Country

Our fees are actually simple. One monthly management fee capped at $80 a month, no matter how big your account grows. That’s it.


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How We Calculated These Numbers

Illustrative fee savings calculation is based on an investment amount of $140,000 invested for one year with $0 contributions. NW fees assumes a $480 annual management fee, $100 trading fee and MER impact of 0.13%. This is compared to an average Mutual Fund MER of 2.23% per year (MorningStar Global Fund Investor Experience Study, 2017).